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Burger Burger

Ben MitchellComment
Burger Burger

$25 per person
4 Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland (multiple)

Burger Burger, recently opened in Newmarket, is perhaps the best example of casual chic in Auckland. Food is unpretentious yet honed, wait staff are chirpy yet professional, the interior comforting yet decidedly crafted.

As one would expect, the menu is burger centric with other options relegated to sides. Classics such as beef are here, with the other choices variations of popular burgers. Yes there is pork swallowed between two buns, and yes it's of the pulled variety. Don't expect any surprises. Sides are pared down to the essentials such as fries and potato skins. The couple of greener options add much needed vibrancy to the menu.
If the selection of food sounds boring, the taste more than makes up for it.

Fries are crisp, kumara chips are rich, broccoli is...Covered in butter and garlic. It's a nice taste but would need to be twice as tasty, or large, to justify an order. The burgers tick all the right boxes; oozing with well paired sauces and chunks of succulent meat. I found the pulled pork a bit too wet but beef, lamb and chicken stand out. Each bite a carnal masterpiece of plump bun, juicy meat and dripping sauce. Best to wear a bib.
The drinks are quite fantastic, and pairing your meal with a thickshake will result in your belt buckle bulging. 

Burger Burger achieves the elusive mix of casual excellence. Staff are professional and warm. The interior welcoming. Burgers and sides gratifying.
Whether it's brunch or dinner, Burger Burger hits the right spot.