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Monsoon Poon

Ben MitchellComment
Monsoon Poon

$40 per person
Corner of Customs Street West & Lower Hobson Street, Auckland Central

Boy oh boy. 

There are three red flags, that rile me up more than anything else in restaurants:

  1. Style over substance
  2. I'm paying for food I could cook better myself
  3. Dishes have been 'Westernised' or diluted for local tastes

Monsoon Poon is all of those, and despite the terrible food, I'm really glad I visited! It's been a while since I've felt a hateful, creative rush of vigor to describe my experience.

The restaurant is perfect corporate dig, with a variety of dishes from Asia, perhaps delectable to a palate that has never been there.

Let's start with the malai chicken and firecracker slider: inoffensive, certainly not bad, totally forgettable. But then came the main courses. The duck and pineapple curry at an eye watering $25, and Singapore noodles at $24.

Watery, bland and overflowing with peppers (capsicum). A more accurate dish name would be 'Curried pepper water'. Oh and it came with overcooked rice, styled into a ridiculous cone. Get fucked. 
The Singapore noodles had been covered in a dust of spices, to the point it was like eating sand. Horribly gritty.

This experience ended up costing us $40 per person. Absurd. An average food court in Auckland would be half the price, and would have actually tasted better! Monsoon Poon hit my hate points, but I'm glad I get to vent about it.

Go to Mekong Baby instead, it's everything Monsoon Poon should aspire to be.