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Joy & Melt (New Zealand Natural)

Ben MitchellComment
Joy & Melt (New Zealand Natural)

137 Quay Street, Auckland, 1010

Joy Ice Cream
149 Quay Street, Auckland, 1010

It's rare to have two such contrasting experiences in such a short space of time, but I was compelled to seek more ice cream when the first pick was so terrible.

New Zealand Natural has a new pop up on the water front called Melt. The choice of flavours on display is impressive and on a summer day the well lit shop is very alluring. The ice creams are anything but however.
I tried a few flavours, found them all wanting, tried a few more, found those wanting, and ended up trying almost a dozen before I realised the simple truth. The ice creams were simply crap. Bland, no flavour and with a fatty aftertaste that lingered past its due date. Simply terrible. I don't remember the last time ice cream looked so good yet tasted so bad. A McFlurry would have been a better choice.

Utterly disappointed, and still craving ice cream, I went to the closest option Joy (formally Pride and Joy). On previous visits I've found their ice cream solid, though not spectacular. Walking in, we were greeted by a crowded shop, slightly chaotic as customers filled the interior. Dozens of interesting flavours were on show like coconut and cinnammon as well as more unique classics like rum and raisin. Before settling on one choice, I tried a few like the rich and velvety chocolate. The cinnamon flavour immediately caught my eye, I don't remember the last time I saw cinammon ice cream. It was the right choice, the spice was light and aromatic, with enough sugar to balance it out.

So there you have it, one ice cream parlour with a lovely setting, one with lovely ice cream. I know which one I'd rather go for.

Melt 3/10

Joy 8/10