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Lord of the Fries

Ben MitchellComment
Lord of the Fries

$15 per person
1 Shop 2, St Kevins Arcade, 183 Karangahape Road, Auckland

Whether you avoid meat for ethical or health reasons, there are more vegetarian options than ever before. Take Lord of the Fries for instance: an entirely vegetarian (with vegan options) fast food joint that's newly expanded on K Road.

The clean, bright restaurant features half a dozen varieties of burgers, some hot dogs, smoothies and sides. We choose a selection of burgers featuring one of every 'meat': beef, chicken and fish plus their famous classic chips.

The burgers came fast, so we dug straight in. The verdict? Boring. Instead of taking pride in quality ingredients and original ideas Lord of the Fries have gone for the laziest route. Take an existing fast food burger and switch out the patty for imitation meat!

The chicken seemed to be quorn, the beef chickpea, and the fish tofu. In most cases the patty was filler with no flavour, sometimes soggy and always inferior to the real animal deal. The sauces were bland, bland, bland! At least the buns were great, with a slight crust and bite to them. The fish patty also had a nice crisp texture, comparable to fried chicken. But where is the creativity that you see at other burger joints? Where are the original creations that take pride in vegetarian ingredients? How about a grilled halloumi and aubergine burger? Or a delicious portobello mushroom burger (which Better Burger serve). Hell, even McDonald's has a more inspired menu.

The chips were some of the better in Auckland, however the choice of sauces, which Lord of the Fries prides itself on were disgusting. The all vegetarian sauces (perhaps fully vegan) like aioli are not made with eggs or olive oil, instead soy and canola oil. The foul mixture tasted like toothpaste, and with the consistency to boot. Why on earth would you be proud of serving this? Vegan yes! Tasty no!

Lord of the Fries fails with its lazy burgers and disgusting sauces. Vegetarian and vegan food doesn't have to suck, but clearly Lord of the fries didn't get this memo.

there are plenty of better alternatives to spend your time and money at.