Ben MitchellComment

The Attic

Ben MitchellComment
The Attic

$48 per person
Level 1/55 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Auckland

Another Zomato meet up, another night of good company and the privilege to try new food. This time was at Mission Bay's The Attic, self proclaimed "Auckland's number one gastropub". Arrogant? Perhaps not when there isn't much competition in the gastropub scene to begin with.
The interior was literally and figuratively warming with a fire place, and wood heavy tone. We were welcomed by the owner Ken, before we had our choice of main course. I'd been recommended the pork belly by a friend, but decided on the less ubiquitous surf and turf. The food came out promptly, and the service was consistent throughout the evening. 

My steak stabbed with an extravagant skewer of prawns, sat on a bed of vegetables. It invited me to dig in. I did and met disappointment.
The steak was on the well done side of medium rare, despite me asking for it rare. I discovered a large chunk of inedible gristle. The meat was chewy.
The vegetables were rich and nourishing, especially the cheese topped mushrooms, but they failed to compliment the meat or seafood.
The 'surf' was boundlessly better. Succulent prawn with a tangy, spicy note. If the dish was just prawns, I would have been ecstatic. Instead it was a poor steak, mismatched vegetables and beautiful prawns.

Looking for a comforting, hearty dessert to finish, I ordered the apple and pear crumble. I dipped into the thinly layered, powdery crust and came up with bland apple and pear chunks. The dish desperately needed another dimension to excel, but there wasn't any. The creme brûlée of another diner was failingly spongey.
Thus the meal ended, my stomach and tongue unfulfilled. Mismatched surf and turf, forgettable dessert though pleasant service, warming interior and enlivening company.

Auckland's best gastropub? Perhaps. Regardless, The Attic served a mediocre dinner, in plush surroundings. Stick around for the pub and pass on the grub.