$5 a Whoopie pie
Shop 21, 10 Nuffield Street, Newmarket, Auckland

Two layers of cake smothering a thick layer of cream, is the latest food Frankenstein to make its way over from The States. The result: The Whoopie Pie. The titular Whoopie&Co specialises in these pies, with numerous options from chocolate hazelnut to peanut butter.

Whoopie's cake cups are moist, slightly spongy and surprisingly rich; as if each contained a stick of butter. The creamy filling is equally hearty with its paste thick texture. I found even the most refreshing of the whoopies, the passion fruit with its sour sweet note, a battle to finish. Eating the chocolate whoopie felt close to torture.

As pretty as Whoopie&Co's pies were, I found them rich to the point that eating them was arduous. Even a single cake between two of us, would have been too much.